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Brightness Falls From the Air
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4th-Dec-2010 05:45 am - cruising neo-angelregion
kieran facepalm
Nope, no real content, just natter.

I am not attending this weekend's local BJD mini-con, largely on account of !money. ...so instead I'm looking at doll stores online, ahaha. >_>

Kieran, honey, I know how much you hate the bunny hoodie. How about an alternative?. XD

...then there's this dashing number. seki_raku, DON'T LOOK. It'll just make you sadface like me because it's only being sold through the 14th. D:

Looking at the Angel Region Little Fair dolls makes me so nostalgic! Cien hates you. And everyone else. Really, now I look at that face and I just keep imagining the bitchier Hungover Owls macros.

And ohh, the current standard Danas (girl | boy). Lookit their sweet faces! HOW IS THAT EVEN THE SAME MOLD AS KIERAN.
27th-Sep-2008 06:09 pm - Doll Planning -- Color Scheme?
otakutie kieran
So, I'm thinking IH Harin, with this wig, and maybe glass eyes from Ginarolo in Lake (bottom of the page; Harin takes 14mm).

(ETA: Direct link to a photo of the eyes, for those w/o DOA Marketplace access.)

Would that eyecolor look odd with brown hair, d'y'think? It's just so pretty. *_*

The Harin in the promo photos is whiteskin, according to IH, so that's probably what I'd order (I really like it looks in those photos, hopefully that's the newer whiteskin). And I'd get the default/brown faceup (not the limited red which I was considering a while back...not sure it's an option anymore). I like that shade of brown in their wigs. I have two dolls with black hair and two dolls with red or sorta-mostly-red hair, so I want something realistic and "normal", but different from the other dolls. :P

Eh, she's still a ways off, probably (they take layaway DOOM), but I want to start acquiring bits and bobs for her as things become available. Like the eyes.
bedroom eyes ren
Got a phone call from the Lord,
saying boy go get a sweater
right now

So longtime readers may remember that, back in uhhhh...lastSeptembershutup, I wiped Armand's original faceup in hopes of giving him something a bit, I dunno, more robust, fresher, whatever.

Then chickened the hell out. Eventually decided I'd send him off to someone, but was still trying to decide what I wanted, who to commission, blah blah blah.


A couple weekends ago, one of the local collectors decided to have a "doll spa day" at her house. Everybody would bring dolls, and between all of us, we'd have supplies (and extra hands) for cleaning, restringing, replacing eyelashes, blushing, faceups, whatever. It was awesome! My first project was disassembling Kieran and giving him a thorough scrubbing (which was OMG soooo badly needed). And then I had some time to kill...and I thought, yanno, there's this nice big yard for spraying MSC in, which I sure don't have at home, and here I am with MSC and Armand and pastels and pencils and paint and people to give me advice and encouragement.

So I went for it. It wound up taking two days; the hostess was kind enough to let a couple of us with unfinished projects come back the next day to finish up. By the end of it I was exhausted and probably a little high on MSC fumes, but by god, my doll had a faceup. I also blushed his hands!

I, uh, think it doesn't suck?Collapse )

(Title/opening from "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes", which I guess is a Modest Mouse song but I have the Sun Kil Moon cover.)
23rd-Mar-2008 04:32 am(no subject)
kieran facepalm
So I still want a big girl doll. Uh, after buying pedal extensions...and airfare to see my parents...and paying back a friend what I still owe her from when I was unemployed last year.

And I still reeeeeeeeally like Iplehouse Harin. With the limited-version faceup (red lips).

But someone posted the first pics of a Harin-with-limited-faceup that I...rather don't care for. I'm not sure if it's the lighting, or the messy wig, or the outfit, or the angles she's being photographed at, but she looks a little...well, she looks trashy. There are a few shots near the end that look better and more like Harin as I envision her.

(Part of it may also be the blue eyes in the brighter light -- being able to see the pupil that clearly always makes BJD look stare-y to me)

So I'm feeling a little anxious about the whole idea. I wish there were more pictures of the mold on DOA, so I could look at more pretty pictures to reassure myself. I don't want to buy a doll based on company photos then have her turn out to be nothing like what I wanted.

Hmm. Part of it may also be that in the photos of the limited, she's wearing a red dress, so the red lips are complementing that. In the DOA pictures, she's wearing nothing that really goes with the color, so it seems harsher.

Eh, maybe I'm overreacting. :P
23rd-Dec-2007 11:58 pm - HOMG PHOTOS
bedroom eyes ren
No, seriously!

mechamel rousted me out of bed for a doll afternoon today; we tried to think of places to go, but wound up at our default greensward in Balboa Park. I brought Kieran and Teàrlach because I haven't taken photos of them in ages, and bluegirl because I wanted photos of her with Carrot, Mel's new-to-her Tan Elf Cookie. XD

Blue girl up a tree!Collapse )

And then I borrowed Carrot for a bit. XD

A new friend! Or something.Collapse )

Meanwhile, the boys were hanging out with Cuch, enjoying the last light of the day.

Warning: ORANGECollapse )
3rd-Dec-2007 01:03 am - still alive!
otakutie kieran
Okay, so I ultimately decided to go with the purple wings. ^_^;; But I may keep an eye on the Marketplace and see if anyone wants to offload a blue pair later.

And I'm still looking at Iplehouse Harin. Sho pretty. And Iplehouse has some really nice girl clothes, like this holiday set, which is even being modeled by a Harin. In the faceup version I prefer. Bastards.

Although boyhowdy, if the nipples are that perky on their girl body, I may need to sand them just a tad. @_@

And she comes with optional high-heel feet, so I could get her really cute shoes like these.

perfect_villain, this is the mold I was thinking of for S. I thought he had a nicely masculine face, and he's a bit taller than M. And this is their muscular boy body, which is a same-price option on all their boy dolls. (Man, I tell you what, Iplehouse gives their boys some niiiiiice butts.)
17th-Nov-2007 04:47 am - polling the masses
So, once again I seek the input of friends and relative strangers!

Bambicrony, as you may or may not be aware, is currently selling a new type of magnetic wings for the Ciao Bella dolls -- translucent resin butterfly wings. I am getting a pair for Bluegirl. This is not in question. But they have five colors available, and I can't quite decide which to get. @_@

First, a quick refresher on what Bluegirl currently looks like, and her usual dress (or the one she'd be wearing these wings with):
Click on the pics to embiggenCollapse )

And now the wings:
To save your flistCollapse )

The other colors are red, green (more teal-y), and "smoke black". I like the red, but I think it's too close in color to her dress. The green should be a good candidate, but for some reason the photos are just not making me love it. The smoke black is sexy, but just not suitable at all for her coloring.

By themselves, I like the blue wings best, but I wasn't sure if that was too much of the same color scheme for her. I suspect they might get lost in her hair (which hey, maybe subtle is better).

otakutie kieran
So, uh, it's been aaaaages since I posted here. Um. Lessee:

1. Have been offered a job! Start, uh...next week, maybe. Start date a bit wobbly because of:

2. Southern California fires. I'm fine, dolls are fine, I live in an area that's generally not threatened by this kind of thing. As a neighboring friend puts it, if the fires get to the point where we have to evacuate, there's nowhere to evacuate to. Friends all okay; some had to be evacuated, but I think most everyone is back home now, or comfortably out of town for a bit.

3. Because of pending job, probably don't have to sell any dolls! Yaaaay!

4. Because of pending job, and slow loss of mind due to being cooped up in apartment because of fires, have been thinking about getting another doll. >_>

A girl doll.

Iplehouse Harin caught my eye, although I think I prefer the faceup on the fullset limited. 9_9 And the Iplehouse girl body (NWS for blushed doll boobs) is nice to look at (although I just have this issue with how they sculpt the lower legs on all their bodies, but it's not untenable).

The only existing character slot she'd fit in would be the secretary/lover of TS's twin sister, so one question would be how she'd look alongside a Tan Lishe (who, when I eventually get her, will have much less pink, please). I think for the character herself, the headmold is a good fit -- she looks very mature and capable, and could carry off professional and evening/elegant clothes. But it seems like a slightly more realistic sculpt, so I don't know if Lishe would look odd next to her. Opinions?
14th-Sep-2007 03:17 am - Hoped this day would never come
otakutie kieran
I have to seriously consider selling one or more of my dolls.

(For those not playing along at my personal journal, I was laid off at the end of August, with no severance package. Still looking for a job. At this point, it doesn't look like UI will kick in quickly enough for me to afford October's rent, and nobody in my family is really in a position to help out.)

I can't sell Kieran. I just can't. And if I keep him, I'd like to keep Tearlach. Which leaves TS, Armand, Bluegirl and Banji.

As much as I adore their sheer cuteness, I'm the least bonded to Bluegirl and Banji. Of course, they're also the ones who'd sell for the least, I think. ^_^;;; But still, it would help, and if I sold them both, that might cover rent altogether. And Bluegirl would come with several extras, which would hopefully help her selling price.

I would feel awfully guilty selling Armand, given that it would make the second time in a year his owner had to sell him. More practically, there's the fact that I'm halfway through wiping his faceup, and I don't know if I can replace it with something good enough to help sell him. (I did Bluegirl's faceup, but the mold/resin colors are her selling point more than anything, I think.)

TS...oh, man, TS. My sexy boy. But still, of everybody, he's the most replaceable in terms of mold/resin. If I gave them good enough reference photos, Luts might be able to approximate his faceup. The thing I'd lose would be the physical reminder of Mel's generosity (I still laugh at that AIM conversation).

I need to think about it some more. But the decision needs to be made quickly, because there has to be time for them to be seen, paid for, payment to reach me, shipped, etc.

So if anybody on the flist is in the market for a Mistyblue Elf Kumi, a Tan Banji, or a Tan El, lemme know.

ETA 9/14: Okay, situation maybe not quite as dire as I feared. UI approval cam e through, will have one week's check by end of the month. So just Bluegirl and/or Banji would be enough to cover the difference. TS is off the block for now!
25th-Aug-2007 12:38 am - Rockerboy is Rocking (A New Wig)
bedroom eyes ren
Last weekend, seki_raku and I made a last-gasp-of-summer excursion up to the Volks store, where I picked up some possible lashes for the blue girl, a set of KIPS disks, and yet another wig to try on Armand.

It's the Punk-Cut Short in Natural/Mixed Orange. It's a big change from the mohair -- for one thing, you can see his freaking face. But I'm not sure what I think of it yet.

So of course I'm pimping it to you for opinionsCollapse )

I'm definitely redoing his faceup after Labor Day weekend; right now I'm still trying to decide on the style and color scheme. Wrestling with the urge to make him somewhat vkei. Or, uh, model him on Sakito. *cough*
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